Pythons Secure Bonus Point Win Away at Yarnbury.

Yarnbury RUFC 3rd XV 15-34 Harrogate Pythons RUFC 1st XV

Harrogate Pythons 1st XV travelled to Yarnbury’s artificial pitch for their first league meeting.  Without a full game for 2 Saturdays The Pythons were keen to get their Counties 2 season well underway.

The intent was clear from the kick off.  Ed Challis, now playing second row, carries 30m, feeding Jed Carr whose pass to Sam Considine on 15m was deemed forward by the referee.  Yarnbury break clear only to find Challis hitting hard in defence.  The ball comes free and Carr carries once again feeding Hugh Tatlow on the charge but, another forward pass.  The Python’s forward dominance in Y3 continues in Y2 and the ball is taken against the head.  Tatlow picks up from 8 and gallops for the line only to be tackled short.  Will Butler in support feeds Will Clough and Nathan Wake crashes over for the score.   0-5 on 7 mins.

Yarnbury decide to kick more, using the gusty wind, in the subsequent phases putting The Pythons back in their 22m.  Accurate passing at pace from The Pythons back line quickly gets them back into the home 22.  Considine feeds Bailey Bromberg and his pace beats the defence to score.  0-10 on 10 mins.  Yarnbury continue to kick deep into The Pythons half and Bromberg and Considine stay strong in defence.  A knock on on the 22m line gives the home team an attacking scrum.  Pythons take the ball against the head and Tatlow carries to half way.  The phases are set up by the forwards and the backs pace released – Max Sharp times a perfect pass to Considine who outpaces the defence to score.  0-15 on 15mins.

Yarnbury kick off deep and The Pythons are called off side chasing the clearance kick.  Yarnbury take the penalty quickly and scamper over for a try in the corner.  5 – 15 on 17 mins.  A scrum penalty from the re start and The Pythons are back on the home line.  Jon Pickard drives over the line but is held up.  Challis returns the goal line drop out and Calum Brock carries to within 10m.  Yarnbury are caught off side and The Pythons opt to scrum.  Clough feeds James Audsley-Beck who drives through the would be tacklers to score, 5-20 on 25mins.

Pythons continue with the phases, Tim Evans carrying with determination.  Marcus Fotherby dominates the line outs as The Python’s forward dominance continues.  A home penalty for not releasing the ball is taken quickly and the Yarnbury 10 kicks through for the wing to touch down.  10 -20 half time.

Some indiscipline starts to affect the Python’s game, closing line out gaps, off side at the breakdown and not releasing the ball give Yarnbury a possession advantage.  A turnover ball to Challis puts the home side back on the defensive brushing tacklers aside as he gains 40m with a frightening charge.  Carr recycles the ball to Considine breaking 3 tackles to crash over the line for his second.  Clough uses the wind for the extras, 10 – 27 on 50 mins.

The try changes the game and The Pythons begin their offensive shift once again.  Pressure causes the home side to make mistakes, a clearance kick straight into touch Tatlow catches and drives through.  Pythons win a penalty at the break down.  This time it’s Clough’s turn to take a quick one and darts for the line – gaining a 5m scrum.   Inevitable Python’s ball, Clough whips one out to Carr who puts Sharp under the posts, 10 – 34 on 60 mins.

Yarnbury change tack and begin attacking The Pythons at the breakdown, picking and driving through the middle.  Brock and Fotherby keep the advances contained but a quick penalty for not rolling away after the tackle and The Pythons are back on their 22m line.  The influential 10 kicks through and the chasing forward backs up and crashes over, 15-34 on 75 mins.

Yarnbury set up their phases again using gaps at the breakdown to gain yards.  Using close play against The Pythons pack will never be successful and the rampaging Challis causes the carrying player to spill the ball.  Evans breaks across half way, feeds Jed Wolfram but with a forward pass.  The referee calls full time.

After the game Coach Bird Commented, “We’ve learned a lot today about the pace of Yorkshire 2 compared to 3.  Once we start reacting to our opponents’ quick decision making our game will be closer to what we’re looking for.  Some great performances today especially from the new faces”, he added.

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