Playing Squad

As a well structured club, The Pythons provides a rugby environment where inclusion and personal skills development are at the fore. This is well demonstrated by the strength and depth of our squad; all of whom have stepped up to the mark in both our league teams:

Dan Bird

Head Coach

Alex Booth

2nd XV Captain (Joint) 2016/2017

Ryan Bradshaw

Club Captain 2020/2021 and sponsored by Thompsons Chartered Accountants

Will Butler

Club Captain 2021/2022 & Player's Representative

Jed Carr

Club Captain 2020/2021

Alan Cawkwell-Brown

Pythons 2nd XV Team Manager & Social Secretary

Will Clough

Club Captain 2021/2022 & Sponsored by HG3 Fitness

Neil Douglas

Club Captain 2020/2021

Ivan Drane

1st XV Captain (Joint) 2010/2011

Sandy Dunlop

1st XV Captain 2017/2018

Sean Glasswell

2nd XV Captain 2015/2016

Richard Paterson

Club Captain 2020/2021. 1st XV Captain (Joint) 2010/2011

Russty Roo

Club Captain 2021/2022 & 2020/2021

Mike Roberts

1st XV Captain 2005/2006 & 2006/2007 and Honorary Life Member.

Mike Ruthen

Club Captain 2020/2021 & Director of Rugby

Justin Ross

The Jim Saynor Newcomer of the Year Award 2020/21

Max Sharp

Club Captain 2021/2022

Dan Shortman

Club Captain 2021/2022 & 2020/2021. 1st XV Captain 2016/2017 & 2018/2019

Brendon Shields

Sponsored by No.35 Harrogate - Speciality Coffee Shop

Hugh Tatlow

Club Captain 2021/2022 & 2020/2021. 1st XV Captain 2019/2020

Nathan Wake

Club Captain 2021/2022. Grounds & Facilities Chair

Jonathan Wiggins

Club Captain 2021/2022 & 2020/2021. 2nd XV Captain 2017/2018